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While growing up, Rebecca spent much of her time outdoors, exploring wildlife in woods, rivers, lakes and tall cornfields in northern Iowa. This is where she first discovered a love of botany and astronomy. Camping out in the backyard under starry skies with the sounds of crickets and light shows courtesy of lightning bugs was a favorite. Additionally, visits to aunts' and uncles' working farms brought her face-to-face with her love for animals, especially horses. Many of her paintings are inspired by these passions and her sense of adventure, traveling through 50 states as well as other countries over her lifetime.

Like many young artists, Rebecca initially approached the idea of college with the desire to attend an art institute. But like many large families, her parents only approved of attaining a degree that would ensure a future, successful job - such as the vocation of teaching. She received a partial scholarship to University of Northern Iowa, but lost interest and dropped out after one year. Her natural curiosity for learning returned her to college a few years later; she not only achieved an Associate’s degree in horology, jewelry design and hand engraving but also an Associate’s in exercise science — with honors. Rebecca has
a BA in Management and Technology Communications — with honors, a Web/Graphic Design certification, an Instructional Design certification, and a Master’s level Professional certification as
an Integrative Coach. 

Rebecca has been creating art since she was 5, but didn’t
really devote time to painting until a good friend/artist mentor, Catharine Kim Woodin, encouraged her to paint in 2005. Since then, she has explored expression of life’s magic through an impressionistic approach using acrylic, watercolor, oil and mixed media. In addition, she has had the opportunity to study under established artists both locally and abroad. This has opened great opportunities and brought much joy to those who have purchased her work. Rebecca currently resides with her husband, Western Music Artist, Bill Ganz, and 12-year old dog, Redford in Tucson, AZ. She is a member of Sonoran Plein Air painters (Artist level), Paperworks (Board member), National Collage Society, San Diego Book Arts, and Urban Sketchers of Tucson. 

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