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by Rebecca Ganz

Santa Catalina Estates

Tucson, AZ 

Being of a curious nature, I have always enjoyed exploring the great outdoors, parks and monuments, architecture, and established towns or cities. I have to sketch, paint or photograph the scene for future analysis. That may include research on what or who created life's roadmap on the area, the weathering, artful deterioration contributing to the mood in the moment. Pattern and design, the common colors indigenous to the area, repeatable shapes and imagery all create the stories in the scene.

Creative as Coach - I’ve felt duty bound to capture these moments and then share the magic of the experience with clients. As a Life and Business Coach who works with decoding perceptions as reality this is challenging for many creatives. I can identify as I was not content with my artistic portrayal and would proceed to trash the creation later. The mood portrayed in the painting or sketch lacked the magic I felt at the time.


Through trial and error, I’ve discovered that there is no singular medium that works for me every time. Rather, it depends on the subject and the mood of the experience. Watercolor serves as meditation, acrylic brings out my impressionistic, abstract interpretation of the subject. Oil is wonderful for portraits and Water media and Pastel combined are great for Plein air paintings. 

I am a nature lover and environmental advocate for endangered species, who is inspired by wide open Western scenes, world travels, and historical landmarks (natural and man-made) which serve as subjects for my collections. I continue to learn through observation and analysis of painters who demonstrate an ability to capture light and color expressing depth and feeling, successfully.

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